How To Earn 1,00,000Rs from GROWW APP for FREE

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  1. Click on the link CLICK HERE TO EARN MONEY to download GROWW APP from the play store.
  2. Now create a free Demat account on GROWW APP by adding your PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Bank Details.
  3. Now, activate the Demat account and go to the profile section.
  4. Now click on the “Refer & Earn” Section and copy your referral link.
  5. Now share your referral link on WhatsApp, Facebook, and all other platforms.
  6. You’ll get 100Rs on each successful registration. So if 100 users registered from your link, then you can earn :
  7. 100 * 100 = 1,00,000Rs. then you can withdraw this amount directly to your bank account.

About GROWW APP for Investment

GROWW APP is an Indian app for investing in the Indian stock market, share market, mutual funds, digital gold, etc. It is one of the simplest platforms to invest money without any financial and technical complications. You can directly invest in NIFTY and other sectors without any high charges.

Importance of using the GROWW App :

GROWW is India’s one of the simplest platform to invest in share market. Investment is one of the most required step for everyone one of us, as it will helps us to grow our net worth, get financial independent and financially literate. Other then Stock market investment, mutual funds and digital gold are also the most reliable source of investment. Nowadays, many finance influencers make videos on how to make money online, or how to make money from stock market, intraday trading, crypto currency trading, forex trading, etc.

But, the main problem in front of newbees is to start stock market investment or choosing right mutual fund to start SIP “Systematic Investment Plan”. So, that’s why GROWW solves this problem by providing the most suitable and beginner friendly interface, where we can track the accurate prices of each stock, indexes like NSE, nifty, BSE, etc.

Nowadays, GROWW is providing personal loans also, you can simply apply for a personal loan on groww app and can get a loan at some easy steps. You can use that loan amount as personal loan, finance loan, car loan, house loan, education loan, etc. There are many stock broking app like GROWW in the market, such as – ZERODHA, UPSTOX, ANGEL ONE, KITE, etc. But all these share market apps does not support personal loan options.

We can easily buy/sell each and every listed share or stock of indian companies without any difficulty.

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