Rishabh Pant again caught On Stump Mic

M8 : DC vs RR – Caiptan Pant trolls Umpire

Last night, battle no. 8 of IPL 2021 was going on between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals. It was a nail-biting match and after the most entertaining clash, we got the winner in the last over.

Not only the match was unforgettable, but the epic voice of DC’s skipper Rishabh Pant also caught in stump mic – trolling the on-field empire for wasting time.

What was the matter?

During the second inning, Ravichandran Ashwin was ready to bowl. But, on-field umpire stoped ashwin and started checking the postion of players. Frustated Pant, infear of fine for slow over rate, gaves a reply to umpire which was caught in mic.

He said to umpire – “This 1 minute is taken by you umpire” .

In previous match of csk, captain Dhoni was fined for INR 12 Lakh for maintaing slow over rate. Just, because of this fear Pant replied in this way to umpire.

You can watch full video of this moment and can listen the audio clearly in the video below.

Commentators reactions :

Even the commentator – Harsha Bhogle, can’t control himself to laugh. He repeated the lines of Rishabh and enjoyed the moment with co-commentators. He also said, rishabh never left any moment to entertain the team members.

Now, fans are also making memes and video is going viral all over india.

Here is the video :

Reaction of fans :

As we said fans can’t stop themselves to share and react on this video. S, here are soe reactions of fans on this video.

Match Summary :

In the Wankhade Stadium, RR won the toss and decided to bowl first. DC openers Prithwi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawar coudn’t convert that inning into big. Same thing happend with other batsman too.

Whole batting line up of DC was collapsed. But, captain Rishabh Pant leaded from the front and played a controlled inning of 51 Runs off 32 balls, helped his team to reach at total of 148 Runs.

Rajasthan top order was also failed to give a good start. But, David Miller played a great inning of 61 Runs. But, still the winner of match was not cleared yet.

Morris Magic makes RR win :

Then, Chris morris comes to the crise and played a beautiful inning of 36 runs off 18 balls. In this short inning he shot 4 long sixes in which 2 sixes comes in the last over.

Not only Morris, but his partner Jaydev Unadkat also helped the team with bat. He scored unbeaten 11 runs including a massive six. Which helps in decreasing the required run rate.

And helped his team to win their first match in IPL 2021.

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