Why Overwatch 2 Fans Are Flocking to Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution from Bandai Namco is free-to-play for PC players, and soon be available for console players from November - December.

Because of the similar genre and objective-based battles, It is being compared to Blizzard's Overwatch franchise by many users.

And many fans are attracted to certain features of Gundam, introduced in its new version.

For example, typically Gundam games allow players to pilot a large mech, have a view of the cockpit, and utilize an intelligent aiming system.

Some of the changes that the developer has decided to make in Overwatch 2 have been mostly welcomed, such as removing stuns, having a singular tank, and a focus on higher damage output.

Unfortunately, the recent announcements to lock new Overwatch heroes, free track or not, etc. left many with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Because this game is popularly known for being dependent on counter-picking heroes to challenge a team's comp.